Dog clipping and grooming is not only important for your pooch to look great, it is important to keep them healthy by preventing and treating parasites and skin conditions. In addition to our hydrobath dog wash services, at Messy Mutts we also provide breed-specific dog clipping and grooming.

Our breed-specific styling services include:

  • Handstripping for breeds that require it
  • Coat styling to breed standard
  • Scissor finishing
  • Hygiene trimming – trim and tidy of sanitary areas
  • Combing/brushing
  • Tidy up – face, feet, hygiene area
  • Full clips
  • Nail clipping
  • Dog cologne.

We specialise in breeds such as poodles, schnauzers, West Highland terriers, Scottish dogs, and Airedale terriers. Our advanced training ensures we have the skills to clip these dogs to breed standard.

We also provide a range of treatments including coat conditioning, paw pad treatments for dry and chafed paws, and sensitive skin treatments. Get in touch with our experienced, highly trained dog groomers to find out more about our services or to make an appointment!