Dog nail clipping and care

When dogs spend a good deal of time outdoors running on hard surfaces like concrete, their nails are gradually worn down and they have less of a need for formal nail-grooming sessions. But dogs are part of the family so often spend a lot of time indoors or on soft outdoor surfaces such as backyard lawns, dog park lawns and the sand of the dog beach – so their nails don’t wear down naturally as much as they need to to keep them comfortable for the dog.

Long, unkempt nails can do serious damage to your dog. When a dog’s nails are so long that they touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed and create pressure on the toe joint. This can be painful for the dog and, if left too long, can damage the joint and make the dog more susceptible to injuries.

As part of our dog hydrobath and grooming services, we clip your dog’s nails to an appropriate length. Regular dog washes and grooming sessions including nail clippings are highly beneficial for your dog’s ongoing health and wellbeing. We are based locally in Wyndham Vale, so regular appointments can fit conveniently into your regular routine. Contact us to make an appointment!